Company’s Payment Policy

It is the responsibility of the client to pay for the order placed. As you can see, we use Paypal method to make sure our clients are secured and protected by the global payment system. We do not ask to store card details on the web-site for security reason. Using Paypal one can make the transaction through this system or pay with the card. In the future, we will have an acquiring system that received the payments instantly but so far Paypal is the best method. E-check payment is another way to be secured. One can pay for the order that will be on hold and after the order sent to the client Paypal releases the payment to us. We have clients working with us for years and can certainly guarantee the highest quality and satisfaction or if that won’t be the case - we grant a full refund in case writer did not follow the instructions. So far, we have completed five refunds for the whole season for non-augmented reasons. Our task - to make the client happy.

Money back guarantee Policy

The fundamental question we have from clients relates to basic concern what should be done when the order was not delivered on time or not up to the quality standard claimed by the client. We agree on particular issues with the client and if he is not willing to complete another order for free or substitute the existing one with a new order or there is not chance for us to revise the paper - we agree to give back the money because we understand and value the client above financial reward. Working with us is safe there is no need to worry about receiving the order on time. It sometimes takes 24 hours for the money to bounce back to the client’s account and this is not our regulations but the policy of Paypal. Honestly. You have already come to us, and we value doing business with you, so we will do our best to satisfy the request for help.

We use Paypal

Paypal is a world recognized system. No need to create another trustworthy method of payment. We do have issues in the history with clients who claimed money back, but all of them were resolved within 1-hour period. We get on the phone with the client, discuss his complaints and solve them. In case client still not satisfied and insists on a refund - we grant it. For our professional help and support, please use 24/7-hour service chat. For some of the clients, there is an accessible option to use a credit hold. This means after the placement of the project Paypal holds the amount until the order is fulfilled. Based on this trust from Paypal the Company completes the order and delivers to the client. After several days Paypal releases the payment to us. It's a very safe procedure and for the first time clients we highly recommend it.

As the rule of the Company, we are not welcome the refunds and kindly ask the clients to place new orders for the past credit. It really affects the rating of the Company and we care about it very much. The client gets a full refund in cases when the order does meet the requirements provided by the client or the grade is not acceptable - by this we mean "F" or lower percentage of the grade. The passing grade is not subjected to refunds. Please be aware of this.