FAQ - Frequently asked questions

How can I place an order?

Push “Order Now” button
  1. Push “Order Now” button in the top right corner. In step 1 fill in Academic level, deadline and number of pages required. Keep in mind please our word count per one page-275 word. The higher Academic Level, the better writer of the work. If you have specific requirements, please send them to e-mail writing2me2005@gmail.com The answer to e-mail will be immediate. Do not hesitates to contact us on the phone provided.
Follow the steps
  1. Follow the steps 1,2,3,4 and fill in all fields with * Asterisk

-Select the format of citation. (APA, MLA, etc.) -Select paper type. (If not applicable put your own or indicate it in e-mail with order details) -Select a subject. Based on this the writer looks for specific information related to the topic. -Select a topic. A Topic is the key part of the order and similar to a thesis statement.

The more information included, the fewer questions writers will ask to complete assignment correctly..

Sign in

3. After the fourth step is completed sign in as a registered user or sign up as a new one. Additional features include: Get writer's samples - means administration sends the work of a preferable writer in accordance with Academic Level. Get a copy of sources used - administration sends the copy of the sources used during the work. Links to web-sites, .pfd files and other type of electronic documentation. Progressive delivery - big orders can be processed by parts. First part completed - paid, second part completed - paid. SMS notification - after order completion client received an sms notification.

Press “Order Now” button
  1. Press “Order Now” button and receive notification about the order to the e-mail indicated in the registrations form. Keep in mind that writer starts the work on the order only after payment has been received. Note: regardless whether we answer chat or e-mail, after the payment writer starts the work immediately.
Pay through Paypal
  1. Pay through Paypal using “BUY NOW” button. Log in to paypal account and payment will be completed.
Receive the order on your e-mail
  1. Receive the order on your e-mail indicated during a registration process. Please keep in mind that all orders go into process immediately due to deadlines. There is no space for cancellations. Refunds are not welcomed but will be completed according to the Company's policy. Orders will not go through into system without a payment. It will be pending as inquiry.

How can I claim a refund?

Send us an e-mail to writing2me2005@gmail.com and receive a feedback from the support team that request accepted and will be investigated within 24 hours. Keep in mind please that we strive to the end and persuade the customer to continue the work with us and can provide free orders upon request to make the client happy. In case when client is not willing to proceed the money would be returned through the service client sent them. Willing to hear us personally? Give us a call to make sure we get into the problem to solve it.