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Research paper is the most well spread type of assignment in any educational institution. At our Company we do it very well and fast because all of the writers can manage this type of task. Regardless of the easy style of writing for most of the regular students it’s a challenging task that creates nervous state of mind when deadline is approaching. Most of the students tend to procrastinate the assignments and it influences the grade dramatically that’s the main reason why they call us for academic help. The main reason for procrastination or difficulties arisen during the assignment is lack of experience with this genre of academic assignment. The main reason is a fear students experience during process and an approaching deadline. Professors suggest to come across with research papers writing as soon as possible and advice simply to start the work and it gets going and flowing. Meanwhile a research paper is very easy task for us we never procrastinate and start the work immediately because deadlines of 4,8, 16 and 24 hours requires immediate start. The delays in the project results in procrastination and sometimes refunds but this is not in our case. This genre of writing is very important in everyday life because similar research students will be doing in the future. For many professional writers research paper does not come as an obvious solution. Most of them also struggled during their life and only constant learning process and ability to overcome fear dominated on the way to successful delivers of research papers. There is a number of students who afraid to fail and this is not our case because the process of working on assignments is so strictly regulated that failure on assignments is around 0,05 percent. Sometimes clients do not have an idea what to write about and we offer best custom writing service creating a topic and a project name. Research papers are subdivided into categories of argumentative and analytical papers and refer to the genre of the work. Next step in research is to define the topic followed by the properly selected audience and then simply start the writing process. By properly selecting research process refers to stages of critical thinking, evaluation of libraries, publications or books collected for the work. The basic idea of research is to find the sources and digest them in a composition that is short and simple for understanding drawing logical conclusion so the audiences does not have to reread all the sources and simply spends several minutes to understand the value and essence of information. It serves as a measure to increase the knowledge of the audience. Some of the writers use research as a summary of resources but it does not relate to the process of summarization. Research gives an understanding of many texts in concise manner. It has to be a unique way of the current or famous problem. After the completion of main steps the process of writing followed by regular proofreading, editing and in some cases revision. Our support team always ready to answer the questions 24/7 on any research paper question.