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Many students using our services claim that it’s a life-saving technology that help them to distribute personal time wisely. For us it’s a regular job to complete the assignment on time. To start the process writers require instructions so the process could be completed smooth and easy with a proper satisfaction by the client. Once the assignment organized in professional manner the client has absolute comfort reading it and learning from academic help. Brainstorming is a regular process when writer starts the work he does not concentrate too much on grammar and academic style – that’s a way to success. Most of the academic sources claim that disorganized process at the beginning give a flow of ideas that could be shaped in the future to make the work as an masterpiece. After the brainstorming process the flow of ideas requires filtering. Unnecessary ideas that do not fit into the assignment should be avoided, removed and forgotten. The focused approach on ideas is essential part of the middle process that shapes the ideas very much to retain the best ones to keep working for 3-4 hours and leave the best part of brainstorming process. Break start after a person feels comfortable that he has performed well enough in terms of ideas. Coffee helps to boost mental agility and combine all resources used as reference list and complete the assignment with too much stress. At our Company we push the writers to the limits so the work under pressure would not be a problem for them thus we can rely on them for the final delivery of work that best fits to the client’s requirements. As long as proper instructions delivered to the writers a well done job would be completed on the assignment. In cases without instructions writer bear full responsibility for the work submitted and in all cases we recommend the clients to write an order from scratch using experience and ideas of employees.