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The essay is the easiest assignment, and every writer can do it without any problems. For students, writing essays is quite challenging. All of our writers follow a pattern and a guide how to write it in easy ten steps. For every new writer, a team member goes over details in terms of research by selecting a topic and finding the sources, thus after several hours the writer becomes an expert in the field. The next step analysis of information, looking for facts to support the argument, the reasons and evident proof of the thesis statement. One should define strengths and weakness of the work and research the weak sides to make the thesis statement stronger. We highly recommend brainstorming the content of the essay. In this case, the writer does not waste time putting the information on paper and removing it because of the absence of key ideas. This is critical because some student make the essay perfect from the first paragraph of introduction part, and it cases a lot of distress because of that. The central element of every essay is an insight that builds up in a thesis statement. Regular walks and constant thinking process for a period of time helps greatly. Thesis statement plays a key role in the writing process because the whole essay is built around it, and every sentence refers to the central idea. The sketch of an outline gives a deeper view of the entire work. Bullet points and short paragraphs would give an essential idea of the essay to show the direction to the reader how the process would flow. In the middle of the process, significant attention should be drawn to the issue of an essay and introduction that leads into the thesis of the work. The introduction itself catches an eye of the reader and some of them never get to the bottom in cases the beginning of the work is not interesting. After the introduction is set another step to make, paragraphs run smoothly and cohesively from one to another so the reader won’t lose the idea of an essay. Clear paragraph statement, arguments and the small conclusion at the end will make an understandable picture of entire part of an article. The style of writing should have a feeling of the writer talking to a reader – it really touches the spirit and awakens the soul. At the end of the story should be a clear conclusion with logical sentences that sum up what have been mentioned in the work. The end should appeal for reader’s action and after spending some time reviewing the work he should get up and do what was asked in the story. There are two types of academic essay writing styles MLA and APA. The writer should firmly follow them. It’s a must for the education process. IN addition to that student should pay attention to the language used in the work. Are you still having difficulties writing the essay? Place an order with us and feel the difference how helpful the agency can be. Call us or get in touch through chat service.