Annotated Bibliography writing help online

Bibliography refers to the list of scholar sources that could be used in the research process. It distinguishes editorials journals, books, information from reliable web-sites and another type of scholar information proven by experts. It depends on the format of the work whether bibliography is being called references or work cited. In many cases, the list of sources includes the date of publication, author, origin of the publisher and a title. It always depends on the purpose of bibliography. Usually, it’s a summary or evaluation of the source that provides shortened version of key points that are useful to the work. Besides the fundamental ideas summary reflects the arguments, topic and areas that are helpful for the work. Assessment of the source compares the different references with each other. For example, this source reflects one point and other source supports different arguments. In the end, the ready has to know what is the goal of the source. The source has to be objective and should not reflect someone’s opinion or attitude to stay unbiased. Reflection of the source shows how the current information fits into the topic? In what areas could that be used and did it influence your opinion on how one thinks about the problem now after reading the source. The purpose of annotation to read every source with a critical approach, and this is different from the collection the information. The collection of references serves the central point of the whole project – a thesis that has to be unusual, questionable and up to date. Annotated bibliography is something we start the work with and head toward perfections in terms of content, sources and quality.