About Us

“Writerstream” has been know for high quality job as a freelance writing service that seeks to satisfy the need of a every client and make him happy using academic help. We specialize in any type of writing and academic help for business, students and clients looking for help with writing assignments. For the last 10 season we have doubled the amount of clients, writers and looking forward to new heights every day and every month. One of out strongest values refers to being on time with every single order delivering A+ quality to every clients.

The amount of returning clients has increased from one thousand to three thousands last season and we are extremely proud of this achievement. For some of unsatisfied clients we offer discounts or return the money. Unfortunately this happens once or twice a season. Nobody is perfect but we are still looking for perfection.

Our support works 24/7 a day and if it’s not reachable by chat we always answer e-mails in timely manner. We use slogan: “No excuses, make it happen” that what drives our perfomance. Some of the clients that were not satisfied with the service received a call from the owner of the company and their issues have been solved to the fullest extent. We value every single person regardless of the amount of money spend with us. Many of the clients were greatfull for last season and send us thank you notes that could be reviewed in the reviws section. For every ten clients we have three professional writers located all around the world that could be assignment for orders in different parts of the world thus the specifics of eduational process is followed to every single word and sentence. The biggest order last season was of seven hundred dollars in value. It means a lot to us – our clients can trust and rely on us for professional execution and delivering of orders in timely manner. This season we have implemented sms and call notification just to let customer know that the order is ready. Most of the clients were grateful for this service and we assigned special discounts for them on a long term basis. Thus they are not only spend money with us, but also save them. Among our core values trust is the must. We stay in touch 24/7 with the clients through chat sevrice and plan to integrate facebook solution to be even closer to our valuable clients. Using this web-site every client can apply for a discount that works on progressive basis. The more orders place, the deep the discount. We are very happy that for last season the target of 0,01% of refund has been met and we plan to push it even further and make it of 0 value by this season. It’s very important for us to make it 0 thus all of our clients will be satisfied. For some people this target might be impossible as as we claim it – we are looking for perfection. In case you have urgent questions or matters, please call us or chat with us. No response – e-mail us. We will always respond by either of messaging means of communication.